Centre for Trauma, Care, Prevention, Education and Research (CTCPER)

Centre for Trauma, Care, Prevention, Education and Research (CTCPER)

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The Centre for Trauma Care, Prevention, Education and Research (CTCPER) is a collaborative research hub for the study of paediatric trauma operating across both The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Our research team, led by medical specialists and senior researchers, enjoys multilevel partnership with healthcare professionals and organisational partners, spanning over two decades.

CTCPER offers research training for medical/nursing students, nurses, registrars, and fellows, in addition to providing research support to other departments within the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network.


Our research endeavours encompass the following objectives:

  • Contribute robust scientific evidence to enhance trauma services for children and adolescents.
  • Take a leading role in injury prevention initiatives focused on children and youth.
  • Facilitate public safety through educational outreach, providing communities with valuable insights and information.
  • Provide comprehensive clinical training to medical and health professionals, utilising cutting-edge methodologies to equip them with advanced skills for trauma treatment and management.
  • Align our practices in trauma care, prevention, and education with the power of science, ensuring that each progression is substantiated by sound scientific evidence.


  • We influenced the restriction of the number of passengers carried by drivers under 25 years in New Zealand and Australia through data-informed engagement with Government and legislative bodies. 
  • Our research studies have informed the importance of considering the inherent risks faced by young riders who are physically and mentally maturing, highlighting the need for comprehensive safety measures beyond the environment and protective gear. 
  • We successfully advocated the National Construction Code to introduce a restriction of maximum window opening and height in new buildings, to reduce the number of children falling from buildings. 
  • We have identified the paediatric age-adjusted shock index in combination with the Glasgow Coma Scale as a more accurate predictor, particularly for major trauma injuries. 
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Dr Wei He

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Trauma Data and Research Manager, Senior Clinical Lecturer (the University of Sydney), The Children's Hospital at Westmead
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