Molecular Neurobiology

The Molecular Neurobiology group focuses on improving the understanding of complex rare monogenic neurodevelopmental disorders and developing novel therapeutic options for children who suffer from these disorders. 

Neurodevelopmental disorders are the most common chronic medical conditions encountered in paediatric primary care and encompass highly prevalent conditions such as autism and epilepsy. Children born with neurodevelopmental disorders can experience difficulties with language and speech, motor skills, behaviour, memory, learning, and other prominent neurological symptoms such as seizures. The primary emphasis of the group centres on pioneering advancements in therapeutic interventions, specifically focusing on innovative treatments like gene therapies and novel drug therapies.

The Molecular Neurobiology Group is led by A/Professor Wendy Gold.

A/Prof Wendy Gold

A/Prof Wendy Gold

Wendy is Head of the Molecular Neurobiology group. She holds research and teaching positions in the School of Medical Sciences, FMH, USYD. Her research focusses on Rett syndrome, and gene therapies and translational medicine.
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More team members

  • Dr Alexander Wykes - Research Officer
  • Dr Lisa Riley - Senior Research Officer
  • Ashley Hertzog - PhD Student
  • Sarah Alshammery - PhD Student
  • Puja Thapa - PhD Student
  • Jasmeen Kaur Issar - PhD Student
  • Bronte Coorey - PhD Student
  • Eleni Notaras - Research Assistant
  • Kelley Gao - Research Assistant
  • Nancy Luo - Research Assistant
  • Riley Dunn - Honours Student