Our research focuses on understanding the psychological, social, and neurodevelopmental challenges faced by children and adults with congenital heart disease to improve outcomes and care models for patients and their families. Professor Nadine Kasparian leads the Mental Health research program at the Heart Centre for Children, a novel program she founded in 2007 to improve mental health outcomes for people of all ages with paediatric or congenital heart disease.

Within our research, we examine the experiences of patients with congenital heart disease, as well as parents and siblings of those who have received a diagnosis. The psychology program also measures patients and families’ adjustment and resilience throughout their congenital heart disease journey and examines the connections between physical and mental health across the lifespan of patients. 

Prof Nadine Kasparian

Prof Nadine Kasparian

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Nadine serves as co-vice chair of the Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Collaborative, Research co-lead for the Fontan Outcomes Network, and is an author of American Heart Association Scientific Statements.
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