ImpACT Childhood Asthma

ImpACT Childhood Asthma

The ImpACT Childhood Asthma program operates within the Respiratory Research Group based at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. Our translational research is reducing the burden of avoidable asthma hospital presentations in children.


We aim to identify social determinants of poorer health outcomes in children with asthma and translate that knowledge into implementing and evaluating models of asthma care to ultimately improve health outcomes in children with asthma.


  • We have shown that children with asthma receive guideline-adherent care on <60% of occasions of care and 3,500 Australian children aged <5 years are inappropriately dispensed fixed dose combination inhalers for asthma management annually, which is not adherent to guidelines
  • Our research provides evidence that a multicomponent community-based asthma management program would reduce asthma morbidity in children by 80%.
  • We have developed standardised asthma discharge resource packs.
  • We have led to change clinical practice through adoption of an integrated model of asthma care designed to reduce asthma hospital presentations, as standard of care at The Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, which cares for 1,000 children with asthma yearly.
  • Our model of asthma care is being evaluated in multiple underserved communities including Southwestern local health district and rural NSW.


Dr Nusrat Homaira

Dr Nusrat Homaira

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Senior Lecturer and Respiratory researcher, UNSW Sydney and Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.
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